Year: 2000
Genre: logic computer game
Platform: PC, Windows
Company: home
Software: Delphi (Object Pascal), Photoshop

Some German company held a competition in 2000. It was necessary to invent and make a computer game. They promised good cash prizes. The term for everything about everything is 3 months.

I really wanted to make games and I decided to try 🙂

Invented the gameplay. In fact, it was “Battleship” with a couple of additives.

Since only Pascal knew, he decided to do it in Delphi (Object Pascal). I messed around with “pseudo AI” the most.

The graphics were partially drawn on paper, scanned, and then colored in Photoshop.

The game has the ability to select a character, prepare names for characters, a small help section.

I tried to make a game in 2 languages – Russian and English.

Imagine – an evil Virus has got on your computer’s hard drive. Its goal is to destroy all files. But your hard drive is protected by a four part code (4 digits, 3 digits, 2 digits and 1 digit). Parts of the code are scattered in different folders. And in order to get to your files, the Virus needs to find parts of this code and destroy them, but when you notice something is wrong, you also start hunting for the Virus. The virus, sensing danger, mutates and also divides into four parts, hiding in different directories. Will you find parts of the Virus faster or is it yours? Who will win?

“Mina” – place a mine on the field with your files, and the Virus will probably fall on it! One part of it will definitely be destroyed bringing your victory closer! The inscription on the scoreboard – “Install a mine.”
“Z-file” – Tricky thing! Having hit the Z-file, the Virus takes it for part of your code and naturally shoots at it from the right and left, thus wasting two moves. And don’t waste your time! The inscription on the scoreboard is “Install Z-file”.

GUI overview.

Character selection.

Game process.